A.C.E. Programs & Services


Volunteer Job Training Program

For those who need to acquire job skills and a reference, volunteer training can be an excellent opportunity. A.C.E. welcomes volunteers and we fill positions on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Kitchen / Cafe Positions This is volunteer opportunity for interested members as they come available to learn job skills suitable for industrial kitchens. You will learn food safety and preparation, baking and cooking skills, and how to work with commercial grade equipment. There are also opportunties to learn cashiering and customer service skills in our cafe.

Reception Desk Position This volunteer position will provide training skills suitable to work in a office setting as a receptionist. You will learn how to field telephone inquiries, fill information requests about our services, meeting and greeting skills and organizational management.

Janitorial Position This volunteer position is for those interested in acquiring skills to work in cleaning services. You will learn thorough techniques for safely disinfecting common areas, general cleaning skills, dusting, mopping and vacuuming. This position is also appropriate for those interested in learning life habits for improved home living.


Job Skills Programs

Food Safety Certification This is a provincial certification course offered usually twice a year that is free to all A.C.E. members. The certification is recognized throughout the province for safety in food storage and handling and is appropriate for those interested in both industrial or home kitchen safety.

First Aid Level I & CPR Certification This course is offered usually twice a year and is free to all A.C.E. members. This course is recognized by WorkSafeBC for jobs requiring basic safety certification and is appropriate for those interested in work and/or home safety.


Life Skills Programs

Life Skills workshops and courses are offered based on need expressed by A.C.E. members. We invite members to provide ideas for other workshops we can make available. For more information call us at (250) 564-3396.

Chronic Pain Management This workshop offers strategies and ways you can better manage chronic pain while reducing the medications you require using stress reduction techniques like meditation and stretching.

Yoga Class at ACE

Hatha Yoga The practice of Hatha or “Positional” Yoga increases strength and stamina while improving flexibility. Deep breathing during poses helps relax your body so you concentrate better and improve your overall health.


Heathly Body Movement Class at ACE

Heathy Body Movement Class The Healthy Body Movement Class is suitable for people of all ages. The focus is on self awareness through body awareness. It is based on the idea that healthy movement helps focus the mind as well as train the body for a better quality of life.